Jay’s Pro Dive Centre, 20km south of Inhambane, in the stunning bay of Praia de Jangamo is perfectly positioned to dive some of the most exciting locations in the world. Right here in our backyard is Southern Mozambique’s predominantly unexplored fringing reef with breathtaking corals, countless schools of game fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins, manta rays and humpback whales.

Local Dive Sites

3 – 5 minute boat ride from shore

Batfish Pinnacle
Schools of the enigmatic batfish gave this site its name, while plenty of game fish, potato bass, white tip sharks and turtles will also pop bye for a visit. Whip, plate and staghorn corals abound, whilst the pinnacle provides an interesting obstacle for encircling fish shoals. The pinnacle is also a great night dive, keep your eyes peeled for sleeping turtles and parrot fish under the ledges. Av. depth: 12m Max depth: 16m
A breathtaking shallow dive and for many beginners a fantastic introduction to the underwater world. An amphitheatre is filled with shoals of blue-banded snappers, big eye cressi tails, a multitude of nudibranches, paperfish, morays and crustaceans. The various swim-thrus and boulders feature exciting species such as a resident Dragon Eel Orangutan crabs and if you’re lucky you might even spy an Octopus. Av. depth: 9m Max. depth: 12m
Devils Peak
One of our greatest local dive sites, Devils Peak is an almost free standing rock with a swim through and is home to Potato Bass, an abundance of frogfish, arrow and porcelain crabs, ghost pipefish, resident paperfish and juvenile emperor angel fish. Plenty of caves and overhangs to explore for the more experienced diver! Av. depth: 12m Max. depth: 19m
A perfect spot for the adventure seeker! This newly discovered deep dive is one of Southern Mozambique’s best kept secrets. As we descend, you’ll purr at the massive schools of game fish cruising past in the blue, and once we’re down there you’ll be so amazed by the density of fish, you won’t know where to look. Av. depth: 22m Max depth: 38m EANx28 recommended
Hard Rock
Situated just offshore, hard rock is a very short boat trip. Keep your eyes open for the most spectacular and interesting creatures you have ever seen! Cleaner shrimps, anyone for a manicure? Seamoths, bar tail flat heads, plenty of moray’s, crayfish, devil firefish, flat worms and more… Av. depth: 15m Max. depth: 22m EANx36 recommended
This brand new dive site has recently been discovered in the bay just opposite Jeff’s Pro Dive Centre. Lego is located just minutes away from our launching spot and is so untouched that every dive is almost guaranteed to throw up a surprise or two… Av. depth: 18m Max. depth: 24m EANx36 recommended
Pao Rock
A Praia de Jangamo classic. Only a 3 min boat ride from the beach, this reef brags numerous species of morays, reef sharks, crocodile flat heads, mantis and cleaner shrimps, crustaceans and sting rays. Interested in macro photography? The resident nudibranch population will have you clicking away to your heart’s content! Av. depth: 12m Max. depth: 18m
THE perfect place for sighting sting rays, sharks, greentree coral with resident morays intertwined, long nose hawk hawkfish, sea apples and shoals of game fish including the sensational sailfish. Avg depth 24m Max depth 32m EANx32 recommended
Turtle Creek
Experience the amazing feeling when descending onto a reef between families of Green Turtles, which do not even seem bothered by the divers presence. Avg depth 18m Max depth 24m EANx36 recommended Northern Sites 15 to 30 minutes travel

Far Dive Sites

10 – 15 minute boat ride from shore

Green Tree
A 10m high wall, covered in green coral trees, home to long nose hawk fish, yellow sea apples, big shoals including banner fish, sting rays, potato bass. Mid water frequented by gamefish. Avg depth 32m Max depth 40m EANx28 recommended
Manta Reef
Famous throughout the dive community, Manta Reef is regarded as one of the best dive sites in the world. The reef offers a huge diversity of marine life including giant mantas. The reef has north and south walls with adjacent pinnacles of rocks creating gullies at depths of 24m to 28m. These walls provide shelter for large schools of yellow snapper, barracuda, bigeyes, fusiliers, hundreds of bright blue red-fang trigger fish, tiny goldies, fairy basslets and so on. Large potato inhabit overhangs and small caverns, along with green turtles and sweetlips. The list of stunning marine life is endless. The cracks and crevices are home to scorpion fish, morays (giant, honeycomb, geometric, yellow-edge, white mouth….), crocodile fish, Spanish dancers and a whole array of nudibranchs and cowries. There are three main cleaning stations where the huge manta rays circle and hover to allow small fish to remove parasites from their bodies. Playful devil rays and sometimes eagle rays swim above the reef and on occasion its possible to see sharks and other rays. Avg depth 22m Max depth 26m EANx36 recommended
Also having 2 cleaner stations, this lesser dived site with its crevices and ledges is often the place to observe Mantas quietly circling while being groomed by cleaner wrasse. Garden eels, turtles, devil rays and large crayfish as well as zebra sharks and bow mouthed guitar sharks, make this a favourite. Avg depth 26m Max depth 34m EANx32 recommended Southern Sites 10 to 20 minutes travel
Coral Gardens
Situated close to Paindane. This is a perfect dive site for open water students to catch their first glimpse of the underwater world. The reef starts at 5m and you can make your way down to depths of 12m over the hardpan. A reef barrier protects this site, which is also fantastic for snorkelling. Avg depth 10m Max depth 12m
Paindane Express
The strong current around the reef has earned its nickname “Paindane express”. The reef begins close to shore in about 18m of water and runs rapidly down to 35m. brilliantly coloured Corals, Gorgonian Sea Fans, fast moving game fish occasional sightings of reef sharks make for a particularly interesting dive. As you cruise on by, be sure to take a look up, as you might even spot the mighty whale shark passing through. Avg depth 24m Max depth 30m EANx32 recommended
Island Rock
Island Rock is another one of Jay’s Pro Dive Centre’s new dive sites. Depths range from 6m to 14 m. The dive route takes you into the reef and you’ll be astounded by the overhangs, boulders and swim throughs that make Island Rock one of our most interesting dives. Take a peak into the many cracks and crevices and you’re bound to find an abundance of morays, crayfish, lionfish and scorpionfish. Game fish, reef sharks and even the occasional Raggy have also been known to stop by. Avg depth 12m Max depth 14m



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