Other Activities

Laid-back leisure is what Jay’s Pro Dive Centre and Palm Resort is all about. Guests have the option of doing everything or nothing at all. If you don’t want to dive, that’s OK! On the beach guests can also enjoy snorkelling, fishing, canoeing and surfing. For the adventurous, enjoy sea safaris and tours by the locals, exploring the surrounding town of Jangamo.


Diving and snorkeling quite often go hand in hand, but for those not ready to zip up the wetsuit and strap on a tank, snorkeling offers just as good an underwater experience. Mozambique is a snorkeling paradise, pack your mask and flippers and book your trip today.


Mozambique Coastline offers some of the best game
fishing in Africa.


Enjoy trips to nearby reefs and explore what the sea has to offer, where you will be on the lookout for tropical fish, tortoises and whale sharks and you may even have the opportunity to swim with dolphins!


With a wide coastline to explore, how better to do this than in a canoe? Paddling along the bay and reefs promises some amazing encounters with nature.


Mozambique has become a popular country for surfers to explore and chase big swells. The best time to enjoy warm waters and uncrowded surf is from February through to October, with the bigger swells coming in June and August.

pansy island

Enjoy a truly authentic Mozambican experience at Pansy Island. The island only appears during low tide and is named after the famous Pansy shells, which can be found all over the island. Take a traditional dhow to the island with the locals, and explore the beaches in search of the delicate pansy shell and explore the crystal clear waters where you’ll find micro marine life and starfish colonies.

inhambane town

Guests of Jay’s Pro Dive and Palm Resort are encouraged to explore the historic town of Inhambane, where you can appreciate Victorian architecture, shop for fresh fruits and vegetables and admire local attire, grass baskets and other traditional curios.