Our reefs

Jay’s Pro Dive Centre, 20km south of Inhambane, in the stunning bay of Praia de Jangamo is perfectly positioned to dive some of the most exciting locations in the world. Right here in our backyard is Southern Mozambique’s predominantly unexplored fringing reef with breathtaking corals, countless schools of game fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins, manta rays and humpback whales.

local reefs

All our local dive sites are just a short 3 – 5 minute boat ride from shore! They’re home to some of the most special wildlife we have to offer. 

far reefs

Our far reefs are reefs that are more than 1km from our shore. A lot of these are deeper reefs which can hold a lot of larger reef life, so if you’re an advanced diver you can do these beautiful sites. If you aren’t, have no fear! You can do your qualification with us and then you can do them!

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